Origami, from the japanese ori Ori (to fold) and kami Kami (paper). The basis of this art is to create a model by using only geometric folds, without cutting or glueing, starting from a square sheet of paper.
Origami has been always related to the Japanese culture, but today it concerns a very different styles and way of folding, coming from all the world.

Origami is a very special and amazing art. It uses a few number of folds, but it is also able to combine them in almost infinite ways. This lead origami to create many different models, even exrtemely complex.

So, origami is the art of folding paper. But what does it mean that? Folding paper to shape it without cutting, stratching, or glueing, is something that go over a simple hobby. It is a way to see and portray the world throught a material that it is so soft and weak, but also strong and though. Exactly as the world arounf us.

Today origami is usually considered a sort of poor art, because it uses paper that is thought to be a poor matrial. But it is a big mistake.
Paper has been very important for us, and it is so even today. The low price of the paper does not make us to forget its importance, and its value. Since from its creation paper has become very important, beacuse paper has given to the man the possibility to make durable its thoughts.

Next time you will fold a piece of paper, remember that youa are doing an origami, and also that you have in your hand "a cheap, little piece of paper" that is bringing to you thousands year of history. So fold it with respect and free your mind to origami world.

Origami is ageless

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